Budget Meeting November 1, 2018


6:00 pm                                                                            City Hall

November 1, 2018                                                                       102 Main Street


Mayor Trevino called the workshop to order at 6:00 p.m.


ROLL CALL – All present, except Councilwoman Sharp

Jose Trevino                                   Steve Araguz, Interim Chief of Police
Maria Gonzalez                              Alice Koerner City Clerk Treasurer
Maggie Estrada                              Nancy Mortensen, Deputy Clerk
Juan Isiordia
Lilia Villarreal

Virgil Newman, the volunteer Fire Chief stated that he was in charge of several funds and would be reviewing each one with Council. He informed Council that the Fire Suppression budget within the General Fund included a 3% COLA, however because of the projected short fall, he reduced his budget in other areas to allow for this increase.  He stated that there was an increase on Dispatching services, however he changed the percentage taken from the EMS fund to take care of the increase.  He also stated that many of the expenditures for the Fire Department are shared with the EMS fund, depending on what the bill is, it may be a 50-50 split, or a 35-65 split, which help with expenditures in the General Fund.   He said that in the Trauma Grant Fund, 156 is money that apply for from the Department of Health and at times he saves it up to purchase necessary equipment/ supplies needed, however the expenditure must relate to trauma care, so mostly items for the emergency unit.  He said he would like to save it up to purchase radios.   The last fund discussed by the Fire Chief, was the Fire Dept. Reserve fund, which money in this fund are being saved to purchase a new Fire Truck.  This fund has a new review source, part of the fireworks permit fee is placed in this fund. Virgil also explained that he had submitted a FEMA grant for turnouts and stated that while getting this grant ready, he had to gather some of Granger’s statistics and was surprised by some of them, especially the percentage below the poverty level at 33%.

The budget meeting of November 1, 2018 adjourned at 6:35 p.m.

Budget Meeting 11-1-18 Printable Version

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