Business License

Any and all vendors conducting business within Granger City limits must obtain a City of Granger Business License. Depending on if your license is NEW or a RENEWAL license will determine which application you need to submit.

Please select the proper application to expedite approval. All requested documents, (unless non-applicable) and payment must accompany your application, incomplete applications will not be processed.

New Business License
New Business License Application. Fee is $50.00.
See requirements on page 2 of form.

Renewal Business License
Renewal Business License Application. Fee is $25.00.

You may apply for a business license in person at Granger City Hall, 102 Main St., Granger, WA 98932 OR download the business license application and mail it along with your payment to: City of Granger, Attn. Business Licensing Dept., P.O. Box 1100, Granger, WA 98932.

For more information on business license regulations view Granger Municipal Code, Chapter 5.44.