Dog License

Dog Licenses are due April 1st of each year and cost $10.00. Every dog owner is required to provide each dog with a collar or harness to which the license tag must be affixed and shall make sure the collar is worn constantly. Dog tags are not transferable from one dog to another.

Dogs are not allowed to run at large upon the private premises of others, city property, or any other public places within the City of Granger. When your dog leaves the premises, it must be in immediate control of the owner (family member) by a leash or chain. The first animal impound fee is $25.00, the second offense fee is $50.00, and the third offense fee thereafter is $100.00. Dog licenses do not authorize dogs to run at large. Vicious dogs or potentially vicious dogs are not allowed to run at large on or within premises of their owner.

A complete copy of the Granger Municipal Code Title 6: Animals

You must submit the Dog License Application in person at Granger City hall, 102 Main St., Granger, WA 98932 to license you dog.