Budget Meeting November 6, 2018


6:00 pm                                                                            City Hall

November 6, 2018                                                                      102 Main Street


Mayor Trevino called the workshop to order at 6:00 p.m.

ROLL CALL – All present


Jose Trevino
Maria Gonzalez                    Alice Koerner, City Clerk Treasurer
Maggie Estrada                    Nancy Mortensen, Deputy Clerk
Lilia Villarreal                       Jodie Luke, Public Works Director
Juan Isiordia
Julie Sharp

Public Works
The public works director started with a review of the Parks in the Current Expense fund, explaining that pretty much everything remained the same, however that new allocation were made for the restroom rentals and for the utilities, mainly water for the Splash Park, some unexpected costs. Jodie said that he was aware of some portable restrooms that he would be looking into as a fix for the rentals of the restrooms for the two parks.

In the street fund he said that the City has had quite a few street improvements funded through the Transportation Improvement Board, which helps. One major cost is the dust abatement on Second, however the School and Cargill share in that expenditure.

In the water and sewer fund, one of the capital expenditures is the continued water main line upgrade program and this year $200,000 was allocated for the next phase, stating that this fund was balanced with cash carry in almost the same as the expenditure of the update.

He informed Council that in the garbage fund was an expenditure of a transfer of $20,000 to the garbage reserve fund to continue saving for a new garbage truck in the future. He said he’s been able to keep the two trucks working with funds that were allocated several years ago for this purpose.

Jodie said that the irrigation fund is always a challenge, as the irrigation assessment has to be paid at the beginning of the year and the revenue/payments comes in over a period of 6 months. The fund is eventually catching up, however it doesn’t leave very much to help with repairs of the line, let alone try to actively start any kind of line replacement program.  Council discussed the possibly of increasing the irrigation rate to help bring in a little money to help with fixing the old depilated lines.  He said that the City has a pressurized system, but because the lines are old, they are afraid of running the system wide open as many lines were break from the pressure. The Mayor and the clerk will come back with some figures for Council to review.

The budget meeting of November 6, 2018 adjourned at 7:26 p.m.

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