Land Use Permits

The following are examples of Land Use projects which require a permit:

Amendment (zoning map/text) Qualified Exemption (short plats, subdivisions) Annexation
Reconsideration (Subdivision) Appeal Short Subdivision Approval (up to 9 lots)
Conditional Use Site Plan Review Environmental Review
Special Permits Extension (preliminary plat) Travel Trailer/Recreational Vehicle/Park Approval
Preliminary Plat Approval Vacation (street, right-of-way, etc.) Final Plat Approval
Variance Mobile Home Inspection (on existing lot) Mobile Home Subdivision Approval

You may submit your permit in person to the Clerk’s office at 102 Main St., Granger, WA 98932 or via email to Please reference the City of Granger Fee Schedule for corresponding application fees.

If you have any questions regarding Land Use Permits, contact City Hall at (509) 854-1725.

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