WATER AND SEWER RATES (includes tax)
All meters are billed per five-thousand gallons at the following rate:

$45.27 Water 

51.39 Sewer

Overage charge per thousand gallon (over 5,000 gallons):
$2.90 *Water and Sewer each

GARBAGE RATES (includes tax. picked up 1x per week)
90 Gallon can:   $ 29.47  Extra pick up fee: $   9.99
300 Gallon can: $ 69.97  Extra pick up fee: $ 20.14

Parcels with existing utility services are billed monthly from Feb–July.
$26.06 (unit) per parcel up to 1 acre. ($152.36 total per year)
Add unit(s) for lots exceeding one acre.

Parcels with only Irrigation water. (I.e. vacant lots)
$152.36 (unit) annual assessment per parcel up to 1 acre due 4/1.
Add unit(s) for lots exceeding one acre


Tampering fee$250.00
Utility deposit *tenants only$100.00
After hour meter service (i.e. turn on)$  50.00
Administrative fee$  25.00
Delinquency fee$  10.00
Insect control fee$    6.00
Tax rate    36%


Delinquent accounts not paid prior to the first Tuesday of each month will be shut off with an administrative fee of $25.00 applied to the balance plus an interest rate of 8% per annum. This payment will be required in full prior to restoring services.

***Payments must be made prior to the shutoff date, not the day of.***


Cycles: On or near the 15th day to the 15th day of each month.


MINIMUM BASIC MONTHLY BILL (Feb. – Aug.)        $149.63

MINIMUM BASIC MONTHLY BILL (Sept. – Jan.)      $126.13*
*subject to change depending on services provided by the City of Granger


You can pay your bill in person at 102 Main street, Granger, WA 98932, mail it to PO Box 1100, Granger, WA 98932, pay online at www.xpressbillpay.com or place in the blue drop box (no cash) outside Granger City Hall. All payments must be received in office by 4:30 p.m. on the due date or additional fees will apply. Mail is checked every morning and again at the end of the day. *Xpress Bill Pay is ONLY for utility payments.

Why is my bill so high?
There are several factors that go into calculating each utility bill such as meter size, consumption, active services, and many other factors which may impact your individual statement. Some quick things you can do yourself to determine why your bill has changed are:
• Review the water consumption amount located on your bill which compares previous monthly water consumption. If you have consumed more water than in prior months, then that may be the reason for part of the changes you see in your statement.
• Have there been any rate increases? Occasionally rates change in the beginning of the year if there is going to be a change, it is uncommon for mid-year rate increases. Typically, notices like this can be found in the local paper and on the City’s webpage.
• Have you had any service changes? Did the number of occupants in your home change during the billing period? Did you have extra garbage service, or other changes which might have occurred during the billing cycle? Did you hosts a large party? Do you have a pool? These simple questions might indicate a change.
• Have you noticed any leaking faucets or toilets? Many of the questions we receive about high water bills can be associated with small household leaks. You might be surprised how a little leaking faucet can impact your monthly bill. If you suspect a leak, our knowledgeable team of Public Works professionals is available to assist you in determining if you have a leak.

If after considering all of this you still are not able to determine why your bill has changed, please contact Gia Rodriguez at (509) 854-1725 or giovanni.rodriguez@grangerwa.org who will help review your statement and answer any questions you may have.